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Which suffix or prefix is pejorative?

Pejorative prefixes and suffixes attach a negative meaning to a word. An example of a pejorative prefix is dis-: disinformation, disconnect, disloyal, and disagree.
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What are pejoratives?

Perjoratives are slang or colloquial words or terms, that have a demeaning or belittling effect- for example, 'preachy' would be a perjorative word you could use to describe s (MORE)

What are examples of pejoration?

Words often change their meanings over time. When a word's definition becomes more negative, that is called pejoration. Some examples are: Silly - Originally meant "blesse (MORE)

How do you pronounce the word Pejorative?

To pronounce most words, simply sound them out. The "pe" is pronounced like a "pea" in pea soup, followed by "jor" pronounced like your with a "j", then add "a" "tive." In the (MORE)

Is pejorative compliment practical?

It's not very sincere, given that pejorative gives a negative connotation, meaning contempt. In terms of practicality I would not recommend it; if you do not have anything nic (MORE)