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Uses for mica schist?

Mica Schist is a very interesting rock. Some uses for this rock is  are decorative rock wall, pillars, paint fillers, and roofing  material.
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What minerals are in schist?

The schists constitute a group of medium-grade metamorphic rocks, chiefly notable for the preponderance of lamellar minerals such as micas, chlorite, talc, hornblende, graphit (MORE)
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How is schist formed?

  Schist is formed from the exposure of previously existing rock to high pressures and heat from tectonic forces. The pressures and heat experienced align the platy minera (MORE)
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What does schist mean?

any of a class of crystalline metamorphic rocks whose constituent mineral grains have a more or less parallel or foliated arrangement.
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Can schist hold fossils?

Schists are formed when a sedimentary rock is deformed by great heat and pressure, deep within the Earth's crust. This deformation means that fossils do not survive in schists (MORE)

What is gneiss and schist?

Gneiss and schist are the most common metamorphic rock. Gneiss is a  foliated rock usually composed of quartzand feldspar. Schist is  also foliated, but its minera compositi (MORE)

How hard is schist?

Schist is a metamorphic rock, and varies from fairly soft right up to very hard, depending on how much it has been metamorphosed.
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Where did schist come from?

Schist comes from muds and clays or sometimes igneous rocks that  have undergone years of metaphoric processes. The dominant material  in it dictates the type of schist, it (MORE)