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What is a pellet gun?

A gun that shoots pellets. The Pellets are driven by air or Co2 not gunpowder. Pellet guns have 4 different powerplants. 1. C02 2. Spring or gas piston 3. Pump 4. PCP ( (MORE)
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What are owl pellets?

"Owl pellets" (which can be 2 or 3 cm in diameter) are undigested fur, bones and or feathers that are coughed up out of the mouth of the owl after it feeds.
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What is a Pellet Burners?

There are a couple of possibilities of what this could be. I would most likely says a pellet burner is a pellet stove. It is a heater used to heat your house, garage or bas (MORE)

What are in rabbit pellets?

Mostly ground hay and vitamins, but if you look at most petshop-sold pellets you will also see corn, sunflower seeds, baked treats from wheat flour and ground veggies and othe (MORE)

What is a dental 'pellet'?

There are three things it can be. They call them all "pellets"  because they're shaped like pellets. The first is the one is a  little piece of antibiotic (e.g., Arestin) th (MORE)

What is a pba pellet?

PBA Performance Ballistic Alloy. Gamo came out with these pellets. They are fast, BUT not accurate. They are coated and lightweight that is why they are fast. However because (MORE)
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What is an owl pellet?

An owl pellet is a conglomeration of undigested material that the owl has regurgitated. This is not fecal material. It is regurgitated out of the beak. It is a consequence of (MORE)

What can the pellets be used for?

In fact, many products appear in forms of pellets. They can be used  in many fields like animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home  heating pellets,etc.
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