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What is a pellet?

A pellet has two definitions: 1: The droppings from an Owl or other bird. 2: The lead projectile shot from an Air Gun or Air Rifle. Usually the same diameter as a BB but long (MORE)

What rhymes with pellet?

There is no one word that rhymes perfectly with "pellet", but you can create the rhyme with two words: for example, "tell it" or "sell it," since the -et ending in "pellet" is (MORE)

What is a pba pellet?

PBA Performance Ballistic Alloy. Gamo came out with these pellets. They are fast, BUT not accurate. They are coated and lightweight that is why they are fast. However because (MORE)

What is the heaviest pellet for a pellet gun?

It all depends on the bore size, and if you really mean GUN as in "gun or rifle." The larges Pellet bore is 50 caliber and that would be a Air Venturi .50 Cal, 275 Grains, Sol (MORE)
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What is an owl pellet?

An owl pellet is a conglomeration of undigested material that the owl has regurgitated. This is not fecal material. It is regurgitated out of the beak. It is a consequence of (MORE)
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What is the size of a pellet?

The size of a pellet or a shot for an air gun is dependent on which pellet you are looking at. The range of sizes is 1.3 mm to 15.24 mm for the largest ones.
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