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What is a pba pellet?

PBA Performance Ballistic Alloy. Gamo came out with these pellets. They are fast, BUT not accurate. They are coated and lightweight that is why they are fast. However because (MORE)
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What are owl pellets?

"Owl pellets" (which can be 2 or 3 cm in diameter) are undigested fur, bones and or feathers that are coughed up out of the mouth of the owl after it feeds.
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Supernatant and pellet?

Supernatant is the clear fluid above a precipitate or sediment.  Pellet is a small rounded object, ball, or spherical body.
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What does ornithological draughtsman mean?

Ornithological means: A branch of zoology that deals with birds. Draughtsman means: A checker; draftsman. If you put these together you get a "bird zoologist draftsman" Resou (MORE)
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What is an owl pellet?

An owl pellet is a conglomeration of undigested material that the owl has regurgitated. This is not fecal material. It is regurgitated out of the beak. It is a consequence of (MORE)

What is a pellet gun?

A gun that shoots pellets. The Pellets are driven by air or Co2 not gunpowder. Pellet guns have 4 different powerplants. 1. C02 2. Spring or gas piston 3. Pump 4. PCP ( (MORE)
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Why is ornithology important?

Ornithology is important because the ornithologists have to make sure the birds are safe when they travel and they have to study birds to see their migration patterns. If the (MORE)

What is the use of telescope in ornithology?

  Ornithological telescopes allow bird-watchers to observe birds from a distance, so there is less risk of frightening them away. Since they require a tripod, they are gen (MORE)

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