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What is penance?

  Penance is when you are sorry for your sins and you do something to show how sorry you are. For example if you stole your sister's cookie you might bake her a cake, say (MORE)

What is the importance of penance?

Penance is one of the seven sacraments that Our Blessed Lord established to give grace to His people. As every single human being who has ever lived, saving Our Blessed Lord, (MORE)
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When does a Muslim have to do penance?

  Whenever he does a sin. And there is a really simple way for penance in Islam. Offer two Raakat of Prayer and then ask Allah to pardon........ Yeah its really that simpl (MORE)

What is penances?

An act of self-mortification or devotion performed voluntarily to show sorrow for a sin or other wrongdoing.. For the source and more detailed information concerning this sub (MORE)
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What is a garment of penance?

A garment of penance is known as a "hairshirt". It's a rough cloth made out of goat's hair and it the olden days it was used as a sign of penance.
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Why do you do penance?

Well the reason you do penance is because once you go to confession the priest resolves you of your sins so

What do you do in the sacrament of penance?

You confess your sins to a priest and God at the same time, it should be a contemplative and prayerful act, the priest hears all of the sins confessed and acting en persona ch (MORE)

What is examination of penance?

I believe that you are referring to an examination of conscience for the sacrament of penance (or confession). Called Examen in older manuals, this is when you examine your co (MORE)

What do you receive in penance?

In the sacrament of reconciliation or confession, you receive sanctifying grace if you make a worthy confession. The priest will hear your confession and absolve you of your s (MORE)