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What is penance?

  Penance is when you are sorry for your sins and you do something to show how sorry you are. For example if you stole your sister's cookie you might bake her a cake, say (MORE)

What is a penance service?

confession and absolution of sin.   Roman Catholic AnswerA penance service is a rather new invention in some areas in the Catholic Church. With the shortage of priests, a (MORE)
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What is the essential rite of penance?

The essential rite of penance is: Contrition - The recipient must be genuinely sorry and they are also vowing not to commit that same sin again. Confession - The recipient (MORE)

A sentence using the word penance?

Lady Eleanor was sentenced to penance for her crime, which consisted of walking around the town wearing only a shift and carrying a candle.    Roman Catholic AnswerPenanc (MORE)

How do you receive penance?

You receive penance through the sacrament of reconciliation. After committing a grave sin you would confess you sin to a Holy Father. Then you would ask him for a penance. A g (MORE)

Why do Christians fast and do penance?

The theory is that all things that are good or useful in this world (e g food) come in between ourselves and God. Thus, if we fast, we can come closer to God in faith and serv (MORE)
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What is a garment of penance?

A garment of penance is known as a "hairshirt". It's a rough cloth made out of goat's hair and it the olden days it was used as a sign of penance.

What are the six stages of penance?

1. Sorrow: be truly sorry for what you have done and for disobeying God. 2. Confession: confess your sin(s) to God. It is very important to be completely honest with him. (MORE)
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Why do you do penance?

Well the reason you do penance is because once you go to confession the priest resolves you of your sins so