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What is a pencil?

An instrument that is used for writing or to draw lines with. It is a long, narrow object, made of wood with a graphite core. In addition, also you can sharpen it when the gra (MORE)
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What is a pencil for?

It is to write with. Also if it has a eraser at the end, and you make a mistake in writing, you can use the eraser to erase your mistake.
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What can you do with a pencil?

You can sketch up any thing you feel like You can breack it in half an sharpen both halves and make two penciles you can stab somthing you can sharpen it you can write a r (MORE)

What is in a pencil?

A pencil contains a substance that is called 'lead' but is made up of graphite and clay. It is encased in wood, usually cedar, but can also be made of paper, recycled wood fib (MORE)
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Why is a pencil called a pencil?

The word pencil comes from the Latin word pencillus which means "little tail." Before the pencil, was a quill pen, which is a tail of a quill.

Where are the pencils?

Pencils are made out of wood, and there are a long thin cylinder of led in the middle, it is pointy on the top and flat on the bottom. Mainly, pencils shape is a hexagon. M.N (MORE)

Where do you get pencil?

Pencils are available at a variety of stores, such as Costco, Office Depot, Walmart, KMart, or even grocery stores such as Safeway or Lucky's.

Why are pencils number 2 pencils?

The number refers to the "hardness" of the pencil's lead. A little more in depth. The number two refers to the hardness of the graphite core and thus the darkness of the lin (MORE)