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What was corrected by the pendleton act?

The Pendleton Act, passed in 1883, was the first step in creating the federal civil service system, in which employees of the federal government are hired and promoted on the (MORE)

What is Inc?

incorporated INC stand for Incorporated. This means a company is legally in business and their are specific stipulations in regards to protection of the owners,CEO and or bo (MORE)
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Why do woolen clothes keep warm?

Because the wool fibers are good at trapping air and air traps winter it traps the heat and does not allow it to escape and thats how the wollen clothes keep us warm i (MORE)

What is a mill?

"Mill" alone as a noun, is a generic term for a range of plant each dedicated to a specific process such grain-milling to produce flour, cotton-weaving, timber-sawing, etec., (MORE)

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Why woolen clothes are dry cleaned?

Wool fabric tends to shrink significantly if washed in water. The  dry cleaning solvents do not cause shrinkage. There are special  handwashing detergents (e.g. Woolite bran (MORE)