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Factors which affect light penetration?

Light penetration refers to the depth that light can penetrate into  a material. On water surfaces, the factors that can affect light  penetration are the angle of the sun, (MORE)

Does a positron have penetrating power?

Yes, a positron has penetrating power, but not very much. The positron is an anti-electron (antimatter), and it will have little power to penetrate anything, even at high ener (MORE)

What is the difference between Partial penetration and full penetration weld?

Full Penetration joint = Think of standard V - Groove design. After complete welding the root weld is supposed to be having some projection of say 1 mm w.r.t. to Internal Di (MORE)

What is penetration effect?

Electron in s-orbital is closer to nucleus than electron in p-orbital and electron in p-orbital is closer to nucleus than electron in d-orbital and so on. So,more energy is re (MORE)

How do you test partial penetration welds?

Partial Penetration Weldments could be tested using Ultrasound  Testing method. It should not be used to evaluate the intergrity of  the weld but could be used to detect the (MORE)

Who can perform Dye penetrant inspection?

Penetrant inspection should be performed by a certified NDT (non-destructive testing) laboratory by a certified (Level II or III) inspector. There are many criteria for succes (MORE)
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What is penetration in volleyball?

Penetration is a term used in volleyball in relation to blocking. To penetrate means to reach over the net to the opponent's side of the net when blocking, versus just jumping (MORE)