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What is penetrating pricing?

Penetrating pricing Êis a pricing techniqueÊwhere a price of an  item is Êset lower than the market price so as to entice new  clients. It works on the expectation than (MORE)
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How do you penetrate in to vagina?

make sure that your penis is wet by lube or your girl giving head. Also, that the girls vagina is somewhat wet and easy to penetrate. After just have an erection and insert in (MORE)

Can you penetrate after ejaculation?

That completely depends on the man, most will lose their erection after ejaculation and need some length of time before they can again penetrate but others can stay hard and k (MORE)
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How do you penetration someone?

Well if your a man you stick you penis in either the vaginal or anal cavity and it penetrates the outer part of the body
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Can you get pregnant with no penetration?

If your semen gets close to their vulva (vagina essentially) then yes there will be a likelihood. Wrap your junk - it can save many headaches.
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