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What is penetration in volleyball?

Penetration is a term used in volleyball in relation to blocking. To penetrate means to reach over the net to the opponent's side of the net when blocking, versus just jumping (MORE)

If I have your IP address then can I penetrate a PC?

First, I'm going to assume you intended to ask "enter your PC" instead of "entire your PC". If that's what you meant the answer is no. Just having an IP address is not going t (MORE)

What is penetration effect?

Electron in s-orbital is closer to nucleus than electron in p-orbital and electron in p-orbital is closer to nucleus than electron in d-orbital and so on. So,more energy is re (MORE)

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What is the difference between Partial penetration and full penetration weld?

Full Penetration joint = Think of standard V - Groove design. After complete welding the root weld is supposed to be having some projection of say 1 mm w.r.t. to Internal Di (MORE)
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What materials can light not penetrate?

If you're asking for what light cannot touch, then there is nothing. Other than air, light acts on everything. If light did not reflect off of objects, they would be invisible (MORE)