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Why don't penguins eggs freeze?

because they sit on it Alternative Answer: The parents protect the egg(s) from freezing by either sitting on them to keep them warm or in the case of Emperor Penguins the male (MORE)
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Is a egg penguin a proper noun?

No, the noun 'egg' is a common noun, a word for any egg; the noun 'penguin' is a common noun, a word for any penguin; the term 'penguin egg' is a common noun a word for any pe (MORE)

Why do penguins lay 1 egg?

It is tricky for penguins to keep their eggs warm in the cold climate of Antarctica, and they have to hold the egg on top of their feet rather than allowing it to touch the ic (MORE)

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How do penguin lay eggs?

  Penguins are very social birds. Rookeries (nesting areas) may contain thousands of individual birds. Even at sea, they tend to swim and feed in groups.   Being birds, (MORE)

How do penguins take care of their eggs?

Penguins keep their eggs inside a little flap of skin between their feet. But in specific species of penguins in Southern Africa, Australia, and Southern South America, they c (MORE)

How do penguins eggs hatch?

Penguin eggs hatch like any other bird . When the time is right , the baby penguin pecks his way out with his / her beak . Its an exciting moment to see .
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Why does the female penguin leave egg?

She leaves the egg because she must go feast so when she comes back when the baby is out of the egg she can feed it with her food she has been digesting by throwing up in the (MORE)