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Penis does not fit?

\nYes, in some cases the penis is too big or thick, or the vagina is too tight (or both). This, making the penis not be able to fit
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How do you get sperm out of your penis?

You would masturbate or have sex. If you mean how to remove the semen residue after masturbation or sex, then you would go urinate.
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How can you extend your penis?

After lots of research, and I mean LOTS of research, I learnt that pills do NOT WORK. In fact, those same pills tend to lead to impotence, so if I were you, I would stay awa (MORE)
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How do you harden the penis?

Grasp it and move your hand up and down. As it gets harder move your hand faster and faster in a pumping motion. You might want to do this over a toilet. Looking at naked wome (MORE)
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Parts of the penis?

The penis is composed of three columns of tissue that are erectile in nature. The penis enlarges to reach an erect state during sexual activity purely due the supply of excess (MORE)

Do you have to have your foreskin on your penis?

No, you can have it removed if you want. it's called a circumcision. However the only reason circumcisions are done is as a religious or cultural ritual. There are no health b (MORE)
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What can you put on your penis?

You can put a condom on your penis for sex. You can put a crisp packet, cling film, rubber bands, a woman, liver, a sex toy, some cream, spermicide, a pair of your wife's or g (MORE)
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How do you kiss on penis?

its not necessarily known as 'kissing of the penis' but 'sucking' is the correct term. you do this by putting your mouth around ones penis with a suck and a back and forth mot (MORE)