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What is runt in Pennsylvania Dutch?

You probably are inspired by the movie "Witness", inshish case a criminal is eferred to by Samuel Lapp, the little boy, as "schtumpig". Rachel Lapp, his mother, tells John B (MORE)

Why are Amish called Pennsylvania dutch?

Amish people are not considered "Pennsylvania dutch".Pennsylvania dutch is actually just the people of German descent. When the Germans came to Pennsylvania, people thought th (MORE)

Are the Pennsylvania Dutch really Dutch?

They were German immigrants the term is really Deutsch for German. I understand that the German immigrants that left Germany in the 17th century seeking religious freedom, se (MORE)

What did Pennsylvania Dutch settlers speak?

They spoke a dialect of West Central German (and a few still do, within their communities). The "Pennsylvania Dutch" were Germans from the Palatinate and western Switzerland. (MORE)

Who are the Pennsylvania Dutch?

The people called "Pennsylvania Dutch" were settlers from Germany  that set up homesteads in eastern and central Pennsylvania. The  word for German is Deutsch, so when peopl (MORE)

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How do you say Thank You in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Danke. (Thank you) Danke Sehr (Thank you very much) or Danke Schoen (Thank you beautifully) are also common expressions of thanks. The Pennsylvania Dutch language develope (MORE)