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Is Welsh Dutch?

Not at all. Welsh (Cymraeg) is a Celtic language spoken in Wales, while Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken in the Netherlands. The cat sat on the mat. [English] Eist (MORE)

What is a Dutch Shepherd?

The Dutch Shepherd comes in three varieties: long-haired (long, straight, flat and harsh), short-haired (fine and dense) and wire-haired (medium length and wiry). The Dutch Sh (MORE)

What does in Dutch mean?

to be spoken in the dutch language To be in trouble, as in, "We'll be in Dutch with Mom if we eat those cookies!"
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What is 'The end' in Dutch?

Einde is a Dutch equivalent of 'The end', but it's actually 'Het einde'. 'einde' is 'end'. Dutch films tend to end with the equivalent of 'End' instead of 'The end', because t (MORE)

What did Pennsylvania Dutch settlers speak?

They spoke a dialect of West Central German (and a few still do, within their communities). The "Pennsylvania Dutch" were Germans from the Palatinate and western Switzerland. (MORE)

What is 'Do you speak Dutch' in Dutch?

Spreek je Nederlands is an informal equivalent in Dutch to 'Do you speak Dutch'. It may be used with the speaker's close circle of family, friends, and peers. A polite equiva (MORE)

Where is Pennsylvania?

In the northeastern and Middle Atlantic region of the United  States.   It is one of the United States adjacent to New Jersey, New York,  Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryla (MORE)

How do you say Thank You in Pennsylvania Dutch?

Danke. (Thank you) Danke Sehr (Thank you very much) or Danke Schoen (Thank you beautifully) are also common expressions of thanks. The Pennsylvania Dutch language develope (MORE)