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Is a penny copper?

A modern penny only has about 2.5% copper and the rest is zinc.    Before 1982 pennies were made of 95% copper with the remainder  being tin and/or zinc. The Mint chan (MORE)

What is a Penny Turtle?

"Penny turtle" is a term used to describe freshwater turtles that are found in our lakes and ponds. They are referred to as such because they are very small as juveniles, abou (MORE)

What is a penny slug?

It is a piece of metal the same size and shape as a penny that was used to cheat vending machines and gum ball machines.

Why do you have pennies?

If the word "you" refers to the US, there are a couple of reasons.    One is tradition, because the US has historically been very  resistant to changing its coinage sy (MORE)

What kinds of pennies are there?

Penny is the common name for the smallest denomination non fractional coin. In US coinage that would be the one cent coin. There have been six major types of large cents in th (MORE)

Do pennies have copper in them?

yes, they're made of a zinc core with a thin layer of copper plating. The plating only makes up 2.5% of the coin's weight, though.
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Are Johnson and Johnson and SC Johnson related?

I think so! No I don't think so. They are two entirely distinct companies. SC Johnson & Son, formerly known as Johnson Wax, was founded and is still based in Racine, Wisco (MORE)

What is a rare penny?

Some rare U.S. pennies are: 1943 copper cents, 1922 no mintmark  cents and the 1955 doubled die cents.
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What is a hay penny?

You may be thinking of the term "ha'penny", which is  pronounced like "hay penny". It's slang for an old half-penny coin  in British currency. Prior to decimalisation, half- (MORE)

Are there pewter pennies?

  Certainly not among modern issues. Some trial pieces were struck in metals other than copper back in the early 1800s but that's all. Now if your coin is dated 1943, it (MORE)