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What is a pension?

Answer . A pension is a form of transfer payment, which is direct financial assitance to those who are no longer capable of working (after the age of retirement). A pensio (MORE)
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What does 'pension' mean?

A pension is an arrangement to provide people with an income when they are no longer earning a regular income from employment.
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How do you get your pension?

How do you apply for the matured age pension from a company that closed in 1987?
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What is the pension age?

You could start getting Social Security at age 62, but it could be higher if you work a few more years. A pension comes from a previous company or governmental agency that you (MORE)
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Does the pope get a pension?

Popes usually serve until death so would have no need for a pension. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has no need of a pension as he continues to live in the Vatican and all his ne (MORE)
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What is pensioners?

Pensioners are people who at one time worked for a business or the government but stopped working and now receive money from them. I had a great uncle who was wounded in World (MORE)
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Can you get the pension if you are on welfare?

The answer to this question depends on the specific rules and terms applied by the organizations involved in administering the pension and welfare payments. There's no general (MORE)
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What is a mailman pension?

Those hired after 1971 get 2% a year for each year of service with the 3 highest years as an average. So if hes averaging $40K a year now and worked 25 years.. 25 x 2%= 50% o (MORE)
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What is pension in English?

Pension is an English word. In the US, at least, the more common meaning is a retirement plan. However, it's also sometimes used for a room in a family-owned boarding house, t (MORE)
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Who do you talk to about your pension?

If you live in the United Kingdom, you should contact 'HM Revenue and Customs' if you want to enquire about your pension.