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What is a pension?

Answer . A pension is a form of transfer payment, which is direct financial assitance to those who are no longer capable of working (after the age of retirement). A pensio (MORE)

What is pensioners?

Pensioners are people who at one time worked for a business or the government but stopped working and now receive money from them. I had a great uncle who was wounded in World (MORE)

What is pension deficit?

It is when there is not enough money to pay pensions. For example lots of companies have money set aside to pay their retired employees which is funded through existing employ (MORE)

How do you get your retirement or pension?

(UK Answer) There are in essence three types of pension plan in the UK. Each have a number of different processes that are required in order to start the process of claiming (MORE)

What does pension mean?

The official definition of the word pension is "a regular paymentmade during a person's retirement from an investment fund to whichthat person or their employer has contribute (MORE)
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Why do you need a pension?

Because when you get old you will find it difficult to work (yourbody wears out!) and your pension provides you with the money youneed to live on at this stage of your life. W (MORE)