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What is a pension?

Answer . A pension is a form of transfer payment, which is direct financial assitance to those who are no longer capable of working (after the age of retirement). A pensio (MORE)

What is the pension age?

You could start getting Social Security at age 62, but it could be higher if you work a few more years. A pension comes from a previous company or governmental agency that you (MORE)
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Does the pope get a pension?

Popes usually serve until death so would have no need for a pension. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has no need of a pension as he continues to live in the Vatican and all his ne (MORE)

What is pensioners?

Pensioners are people who at one time worked for a business or the government but stopped working and now receive money from them. I had a great uncle who was wounded in World (MORE)

What is a mailman pension?

Those hired after 1971 get 2% a year for each year of service with the 3 highest years as an average. So if hes averaging $40K a year now and worked 25 years.. 25 x 2%= 50% o (MORE)

What is pension in English?

Pension is an English word. In the US, at least, the more common meaning is a retirement plan. However, it's also sometimes used for a room in a family-owned boarding house, t (MORE)