(pĕn'sĭv) pronunciation
  1. Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.
  2. Suggestive or expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness.

[Middle English pensif, from Old French, from penser, to think, from Latin pēnsāre, frequentative of pendere, to weigh.]

pensively pen'sive·ly adv.
pensiveness pen'sive·ness n.

SYNONYMS   pensive, contemplative, reflective, meditative, thoughtful. These adjectives mean characterized by or disposed to thought, especially serious or deep thought. Pensive often connotes a wistful, dreamy, or sad quality: "while pensive poets painful vigils keep" (Alexander Pope). Contemplative implies slow directed consideration, often with conscious intent of achieving better understanding or spiritual or aesthetic enrichment: "The Contemplative Atheist is rare ... And yet they seem to be more than they are" (Francis Bacon). Reflective suggests careful analytical deliberation, as in reappraising past experience: "Cromwell was of the active, not the reflective temper" (John Morley). Meditative implies earnest sustained thought: The scholar was reticent, aloof, and meditative. Thoughtful can refer to absorption in thought or to the habit of reflection and circumspection: Thoughtful voters carefully considered the candidates.



    Of, characterized by, or disposed to thought: cogitative, contemplative, deliberative, excogitative, meditative, reflective, ruminative, speculative, thinking, thoughtful. Idioms: in a brown study. See thoughts.


Definition: meditative, solemn
Antonyms: ignorant, shallow

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IN BRIEF: Deep in a sad or dreamy thoughtfulness; reflective.

pronunciation Elysian beauty, melancholy grace, Brought from a pensive though a happy place. — William Wordsworth (1770-1850) is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only pay for results!

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This article is about the racehorse Pensive. For the magical item in the Harry Potter stories see Pensieve. For the word refer to Wiktionary.
Sire Hyperion
Grandsire Gainsborough
Dam Penicuik
Damsire Buchan
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1941
Country US
Colour Chestnut
Breeder Calumet Farm
Owner Calumet Farm
Trainer Ben A. Jones
Record 22:7-5-4
Earnings $167,715
Major wins
Kentucky Derby (1944)
Preakness Stakes (1944)
Rowe Memorial Handicap (1944)
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)
Last updated on September 22, 2006

Pensive (1941-49) was a bright chestnut thoroughbred racehorse who in 1944 came closer than any other horse at the time to winning the U.S. Triple Crown. He was also the first to win the first two legs and then lose the third.

A son of England's Hyperion (who himself had won two thirds of England's Triple Crown), out of Penicuik II (by Buchan), Pensive, ridden by Conn McCreary, won the Kentucky Derby going away by four and a half lengths. A week later, he took the Preakness. That year, the Belmont (at the time the least of the three races), had upped its purse to $50,000. Pensive was in the lead when Bounding Home inched by to take the race by less than half a length.

Pensive was brought to the United States still forming in his mother's womb by Arthur B. Hancock, who then sold the mare to the owner of Calumet Farm, Warren Wright. Wright had inherited Calumet from his father, William Monroe Wright, president of the Calumet Baking Powder Company. In time, Warren Wright was also president of the baking powder company, and he took it to the financial heights of the business world. When he also took over Calumet in 1931, he sold off the trotters his father favored and began buying Thoroughbreds for flat racing. Under Wright, Calumet enjoyed years of racing dominance.

Pensive began his training under Calumet's future Hall of Fame trainer Ben A. Jones.

At two, Pensive raced five times, winning twice. His three losses all came in stakes races. At three, he ran a checkered season, winning and losing fairly equally. He beat older horses in the Rowe Memorial Handicap, but lost to an older horse, Tola Rose, in the Bowie Handicap. Tola Rose had defeated Whirlaway.

Following his loss in the Belmont, Pensive lost all eight of his final starts.

At this point he was retired to stud, producing the winner of the 1949 Kentucky Derby, Ponder. He died in 1949, just after his son won the Derby. Pensive is buried at Calumet Farm.

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Dansk (Danish)
adj. - tankefuld, alvorsfuld

Nederlands (Dutch)
peinzend, zwaarmoedig

Français (French)
adj. - songeur, pensif

Deutsch (German)
adj. - nachdenklich

Ελληνική (Greek)
adj. - σκεπτικός, συλλογισμένος, μελαγχολικός

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
adj. - pensativo

Русский (Russian)
задумавшийся, задумчивый

Español (Spanish)
adj. - pensativo, meditabundo

Svenska (Swedish)
adj. - tankfull, grubblande, vemodig, allvarsfylld

中文(简体)(Chinese (Simplified))
沉思的, 忧沉的, 哀思的

中文(繁體)(Chinese (Traditional))
adj. - 沈思的, 憂沈的, 哀思的

한국어 (Korean)
adj. - 생각에 잠긴

日本語 (Japanese)
adj. - 考え込んだ, 憂いに沈む

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(صفه) مستغرق في أفكاره, مشغول البال‏

עברית (Hebrew)
adj. - ‮שקוע במחשבות, מהורהר‬

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