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How To Take Animal Portraits

There are animal portraits and animal portraits. Field guides typically show animals as 'representatives of a species'; the pictures are informative, but rarely trigger an emo (MORE)

Creative and Funny Names for Your Pet Lizard

Naming a pet is a creative, exciting exercise. Lizards display specific personalities and traits that often illicit some fun, interesting names. Remember that the naming proce (MORE)
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A List of the Most Notable Quotes From The Notebook

"The Notebook," released in 2004, has become a modern romantic classic notable for jump-starting the careers of its stars, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Based on a novel by (MORE)

How to Recognize and Treat Childhood Depression

Children are always a bundle of emotions. When they are preschoolers they are teary-eyed one moment and completely ecstatic the next. As teenagers, moodiness is natural and ca (MORE)