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How does a pentagram looks?

it can look like a star     A Pentagram, used by Pagans, is usually a five pointed star, within a circle. In most cases it is displayed with one of the points of th (MORE)

How do you draw a pentagram?

  A pentagram is a five-pointed star, whose points/sides are all similar. So, you need to measure five angles of 72º at the centre of a circle. Mark where these meet th (MORE)

Why are goats in a satanic pentagram?

Because according to the Holy bible the goat is to satan what the lamb is to god the goat was always considered satans symbol and satanist used and kept most of satans symboli (MORE)
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Why does Billy the exterminator wear a pentagram?

Its just like any Christian would wear a cross. It stands for the four elements, fire, water, earth and air plus spirit on top. It's an ancient symbol of a completed human. He (MORE)

What do pentagram tattoos mean?

The star's symbolism is radically altered depending on whether its facing up or down. A downward facing pentagram was though to mimic a rams head and was though to be a sign o (MORE)

How many triangles in a pentagram?

A pentagon is a shape with five corners and five equal sides. A  pentagon can be divided into five equal triangles. A pentagram is a  pentagon with five triangles drawn on e (MORE)

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