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How does a pentagram looks?

it can look like a star     A Pentagram, used by Pagans, is usually a five pointed star, within a circle. In most cases it is displayed with one of the points of th (MORE)

What is the meaning of the pentagram tattoo?

The significance of the pentagram - 5-pointed star - depends on the context. By far the most common meaning is American patriotism. There are no less than 50 five-pointed star (MORE)

What is the distance between the points -2 2 and 2 -2?

the distance formula for coordinates is : d=square root of ( 2nd x coordinate minus 1st x coordinate)squared plus(2nd y coordinate minus 1st y coordinate) squared sorry if it' (MORE)

What fish looks like a pentagram?

I'm guessing you're talking about starfish. They aren't actually fish, however. They're a saltwater invertebrate.
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How do you call a vampire using a pentagram?

is this a joke You draw a pentagram on the ground and place a burning candle at every line intersection (10). You then step inside one of the 'wings' of the pentagram and say (MORE)
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What is the slope of 6 2 2 -2?

7 or 10 if you calculate using the upward force slope then it is 10 otherwise it is 7! :0 Another Possibility:- Using: y2- y1over x2-x1 = -2-2/2-6 = a slope of 1
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Why would a pentagram be behind a mirror?

  I'm giving one answer... and it I am not claiming that it is a definitive answer. I have encountered Pagans who believe that spirits often reside behind mirrors. I am (MORE)