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What does folk mean?

Folk can be defined two different ways. First it can be used as a  synonym of people, like individuals, mortals, human beings, etc.  The term "Folk" can also be used to desc (MORE)

What is folk history?

Stories and personal histories passed down through a close collection of people, such as a family or tribe. Official history pertains to larger matters, folk history to everyd (MORE)
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How do you get in folk?

if its abt the gang you get in by getting jumped by 4-6 ppl for 60 seconds
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What is a folk song?

Folk Song   Folk song covers many musical styles but is usually referred to a narrative song that uses traditional melodies to speak on a particular topic. Topical folk so (MORE)
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What are folk colors?

The Folk Nation is NOT a gang, they are a nation in which several gangs are under, such as the Gangster Disciples Nation, the Insane Gangster Satan Disciples Nation, & the La (MORE)
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What are folk tunes?

true songs of the people that reflect the moral
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What is kinoton folk dance?

imitates movements of person bitten by ants. KANTUTAN tayo?
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What is folk ways?

Smithsonian Folkways is a recording company, started in the twentieth century as a private label and left to the Smithsonian Institution by Moses Asch upon his death. Asch mix (MORE)

What are some examples of folk songs or folk music?

Neutral Milk Hotel is a pretty well known band for folk musicSimon and Garfunkel, Pete Seeger, Andrew Bird, Joshua Radin, Horse Feathers, Zero 7, Bob Dylan, Patrick Park, Rogu (MORE)