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What is pentecostal apostolic?

It's a religion people think but in my view it's a relation ship with Christ and they enforce this belief by feeling and talking In tongues, also with healing and prayer its a (MORE)

Who are oneness pentecostals?

Oneness Pentecostals are called Apostolic or Jesus Name. Our beliefs are different then the rest of the Christian population. We denouce the trinity. And believe that God is O (MORE)

What is Pentecost?

  Please read Acts Chapter 2   By defnition it is the fiftieth day after Passover. It started out as a Jewish holiday and was adopted by Christians. Depending upon (MORE)

What is the origin of Pentecost?

pentecost is the Christian celebration of the giving of the Holy Spirit by God to all people who become Christian. It is celebrated 50 Days after Christ Resurrected hence the (MORE)

Why is a pentecostal called pentecostal?

The term "Pentecostal" refers to a system of beliefs and experiences based from Acts chapter 2 of the Bible. Acts 2 records the events of the early Christians which happened o (MORE)

When is the Pentecost?

This year 2011, Pentecost fell on the 12th of June. Both Western (Roman Catholic Church) and Eastern Christianity (Eastern Churches).
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What is Pentecostalism?

Pentecostalism is a Christian movement that focuses on the Holy  Spirit and achieving a rebirth through the Holy Spirit. It is named  after the holiday that celebrates Holy (MORE)