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What is penultimate stress?

Penultimate means next-to-last, and "penultimate stress" in phonetics refers to stress in a word falling on the penultimate syllable. In other words, a word carrying penultima (MORE)

What is penultimate shell?

The definition of "penultimate" is next to last or second to last.In chemistry, when dealing with atoms each atom has shells thatfill with electrons. The penultimate shell wou (MORE)

What is The Penultimate Peril about?

In the Penultimate Peril, Violet, Klaus and Sunny go to live in the Denouement Hotel, where they get given a trial to decide whether they are good or evil.. I'm not going to (MORE)
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What does penultimately mean?

Meaning next to last , penultimate can be used as a noun or adjective, and penultimately is an adverb.

What rhymes with penultimate?

That depends on how many of the final syllables have to match for a word or phrase to be considered rhyming. As a general rule of thumb, any string of syllables which is rough (MORE)