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What is a penumbra?

A penumbra is a partial shadow that appears where light from partof the source is blocked and light from another part of the sourceis not blocked and filters through. Justice (MORE)
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What is the penumbra in astronomy?

THE PENUMBRA . When a light source is only partially blocked and there is only a partial shadow on an object..
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Why is the penumbra formed?

The "penumbra" or outer shadow is the area of a shadow from which part of the light source, but not all of it, is visible. For a total solar eclipse , the regions where th (MORE)
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What is a penumbra of law?

Generally, the penumbra is an uncertain area in the law. It has been argued that nothing in law is clear cut and nearly everything is in the penumbra. For example, if a park h (MORE)
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What is the meaning of penumbra?

surrounding_the_umbra_is_a_lighter_shadow_on_earth's_surface"> surrounding the umbra is a lighter shadow on earth's surface . A Partial Shadow between regions of ful (MORE)
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What are the umbra and penumbra?

These are the names for the darkest and next darkest regions of theshadow produced by an opaque object. Please see the link.
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What is penumbra?

Penumbra is a partial outer shadow that is lighter than the darker inner shadow umbra (e.g. the area between complete darkness and complete light in an eclipse). It is a f (MORE)
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How is the penumbra formed?

The penumbra of a total eclipse (solar eclipse) is the region where the shadow cast by the Moon is not centered on the Sun, but only blocks part of the Sun (as in a partial ec (MORE)
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What is a penumbra in government?

the implied protection of a right under the coverage of a more broad constitutional protection:p
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Why you get penumbra?

"Umbra" means shadow and "pen" means almost. Think of a wide light source, like a TV screen in a dark room; if you hold up a book so that it blocks out that screen, you're (yo (MORE)