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Why is the penumbra formed?

The "penumbra" or outer shadow is the area of a shadow from which part of the light source, but not all of it, is visible. For a total solar eclipse, the regions where the Moo (MORE)

What is meant by umbra and penumbra?

The words are usually used in association with an Eclipse.  The word "Umbra" is latin for "Shadow" and usually refers to the darkest part of the shadow. If you are experienc (MORE)

What is the difference between umbra and penumbra?

The umbra is the portion of a shadow from within which none of the light source is visible. The penumbra is the portion of a shadow from within which part but not all of the (MORE)

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What is xray penumbra?

Penumbra is lack of sharpness of the film. It is a fuzzy, unclear area that surrounds a radiographic image and is affected by focal spot size(smaller the better), film composi (MORE)

Why can't earth's shadow have only an umbra and not a penumbra?

Actually the earth's shadow has both. This is caused by the sun,  not the earth.   The umbra is the dark shadow produced when the sunlight is totally  blocked.   The (MORE)