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In Ohio at the age 16 how many people can you drive?

In Ohio at the age of 16 a person may get a probationary driver's license provided they have passed the necessary requirements. This probationary driver's license allows a 16 (MORE)

What famous people were born on June 16?

  People born on June 16   1988   Keshia Chanté, Canadian singer (b: June 16, 1988)   1980   Joey Yung, Hong Kong singer (b: June 16, 1980)   Nehir E (MORE)

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What famous people were born on July 16?

one of the most famouse people were born were OJ simson. only that is that he was born in July 9, 1956 a football player who played on hte cowboys, and Tom Hanks was born in J (MORE)

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How many people died in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy on 8-24-16?

The earthquake hit the towns of Accumoli, Amatrice, and Pescara del  Tronto. The death count is in the seventies, but they haven't  finished searching for survivors, and the (MORE)