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What is peppermint used for?

Peppermint has been used as a carminative, or an agent that helps an upset stomach. . Peppermint foot creams are good for relaxing and cooling the feet. All types of mints a (MORE)

What is peppermint oil?

oil extracted from peppermint leaves. used as a flavoring, an essential oil, and fragrance. cooling affect on the skin and eases pain and has excellent digestion properties th (MORE)

What do use peppermint for?

supposedly peppermint tea relieves an upset stomach, as well as making people perform better academically, like on tests. It makes your breath smell good, and is used in many (MORE)
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Is peppermint good for you?

It refreshens you and taste good, but then again it is candy with sugar. If you eat the herb, then it is good for you.
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What is peppermints in the parlor about?

Peppermints in the Parlor is about an orphan who moves to SugarHill Hall after her parent's unfortunate deaths. When she enters,instead of glorious memories being shone again, (MORE)
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What will peppermints do to you?

Can you apply peppermint to your skin? If so how much? Can you please send me any info on what peppermint helps and how to apply it. Thanks J

Is peppermint a candy?

Peppermint is a spice/flavoring extracted from certain the leavesof the peppermint plant (although most peppermint flavor today issynthetic: a mixture of menthol, menthone, an (MORE)