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What is a peptide bond?

A peptide bond is a covalent bond formed between two amino acids in a protein. It links the carboxylic group of one amino acid to the amine group of the other.
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What is peptidation?

Peptidation is a protein synthesis inhibitor. Peptidation is a  model based off of RNA selection in the cells of all multicellular  organisms.
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What are bioactive peptides?

Bioactive peptide stem from the multi-function  of the protein compound and is the generic term of different  peptide, which is made up of 25 natural amino acids from the  (MORE)

Is protein a peptide?

The links in a protein (amino acid) chain are called peptide bonds. These are any combination of amino acids in which the amino group of one acid is united with the carboxyl g (MORE)
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What is peptide transferase?

Peptidyl transferase is the enzyme that catalyzes the formation of peptide bonds between amino acids during translation of protein synthesis.
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The Peptides are naturally occurring biological molecules  made up of short chains of amino acid residues carry secondary  structure of protein. In typical peptides, when 30 (MORE)