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What college QB has the best career completion percentage?

Colt McCoy at 70.9 percent has the highest college career completion percent. He also holds the highest single season completion percentage at a ridiculous 77.6 percent.
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What percentage of all dieters who lose weight regain all of the weight they lost within one to three years of completing the diet?

By some estimates, more than 80 percent of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles a (MORE)

Explain percentage method for measurement of elasticity of demand?

Price elasticity can be precisely measured by dividing the percentage change on quantity demanded by the percentage change in price that caused it. Thus e can measure price el (MORE)

What is an percentage?

A percent is a number expressed with a % sign that represents a fraction with a denominator of 100 (which is the same as a decimal in which the decimal point is moved two plac (MORE)

How do you reset the oil change percentage from 60 set by previous owner back to 100 when oil change is completed on a 1998 Lincoln mark viii?

Your Owners Manual has that information. Press the "Vehicle Settings" button located closest to the steering wheel. The Computer will run through a couple of settings and the (MORE)

I am deaf in 1 ear and my other ear has popped I am unable to unpop it. I hav tried all methods. I fear it may be serious and I may go completely deaf so I fear the doctors. Help please?

If you don't go to the doctor you might end up with some even worse problems from it.   I am A fully educated doctor, and please go to your nearest doctor, but becarefull n (MORE)