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What are sensation and perception?

Sensation is the reaction of a receptor to stimulation whereas perception is the process of interpreting a stimulation.
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What are perception problems?

When a person gets the wrong idea about a person or situation, or medically, a malfunction of one of the senses such as the eye or ear which means you can't see/hear correctly (MORE)

What is a perception?

Perception means adding meaning to the sensation by the help of past experience. And it is a cognitive process.
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What is perception?

Perception is the key analyzing process of information by your brain. It also can be described as your personal view of life and how you view things.
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What affects perception?

Perception can be affected by different means: 1. Aging 2. Hallucination 3. Imagination 4. Dreaming 5. An implanted idea
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What is your perception about Facebook?

My perception on Facebook is that it is a wonderful site for sharing information with friends and family. It has its flaws but so does everything else. It's something that you (MORE)