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What is the peregrine falcon?

peregrine falcons are rare falcons they have a blue bead and around it's eye is the color yellow.
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What is a peregrine?

A peregrine falcon is a bird of prey about the size of a large crow. They eat waterfowl. Waterfowl are things like ducks.
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Where is the peregrine falcon from?

Peregrine falcons are found to some extent all over the world, except for the polar regions.
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What color is a peregrine?

The Peregrine Falcon is mostly grey, with some white feathering on its front chest and neck area, the head is usually black.
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What eats the peregrine?

Nothing eats a peragrine falcon unless the falcon is dead and decaying. In which it is detritus so it is eaten by decomposers.
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Are peregrines nocternal?

A peregrine falcon is not nocturnal, peregrines that are living in or near cities have been seen to hunt in the dark when they have to feed a nest, but this is not common beha ( Full Answer )
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What can a peregrine falcon do?

Peregrine Falcons are birds that are the fastest animal, ever to set foot on the earth. Not in flight but when they are diving which is called a "Stoop" which allows them to E ( Full Answer )
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Why is peregrine are endangered?

Peregrine falcons were once considered endangered (and are now considered a threatened species) because they were sensitive to a poison called DDT. Small birds (which peregrin ( Full Answer )
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How tall is a peregrine?

The sizes vary a bit, but usually a male is around 46 cm (18 inch), and a female is about 54 cm (21 inch)
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How do you get peregrinate?

peregrinate means to travel or wander from place to place. This canbe done by walking or use of any mosde of transport available