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What is Perestroika?

Perestoika means reconstructuring. It is the Russian word for "thepolicy or practice of restructuring or reforming the economic andpolitical system". What true Perestroi (MORE)

Did perestroika Succeed?

No, perestroika in the Soviet Union did not succeed. Gorbachev'sreforms were not comprehensive enough to truly improve the Sovieteconomy.

What was perestroika-glastnost?

perestroika and glastnost were policies introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev when he came into power during 1985 in USSR.. Perestroika means economic restructuring.Gorbachev aims (MORE)

What is perestroika and glasnost?

Perestroika, which literally means restructuring, was a politicalmovement for reformation in the Soviet Union. Glasnost, which meansopenness, was a policy reform proposed by M (MORE)

What ia perestroika?

Hello. That word first appeared in 1991 during the reign ofGorbachev. . That means the great changes in political, ecenomical system (etc. ) of the counrty.

Was perestroika successful?

it had an effect of reducing soviet control of the economy. not sure if that is correct, im actually stuck on that question myself

What does Perestroika mean?

Perestroika refers to the major restructuring of both the political and economic control of the Soviet Union, which started in the late 1980's, after Mikhail Gorbachev took th (MORE)