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What is a perfect cartel?

It is a condition of extreme collusion i.e, a secret or illegal cooperation to cheat others, where in the oligopolists enter into a pact to surrender their prices to a central (MORE)

Who perfected the typewriter?

This is difficult to say because the typewriter, like so many inventions, evolved from lesser technologies. The first QWERTY typewriter, the form we see today was invented by (MORE)

How do you get a perfect alignment?

Answer . To get a more accurate alignment just follow these steps. 1) when an alignment is performed on a vehicle, either with a computer or doing it yourself. (without (MORE)
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Is perfect an adverb?

No.   "Perfect" is an adjective. It is also a verb, though pronounced  differently.   "Perfectly" is the adverb form.
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What is the perfect fuel?

  Hydrogen   Although nothing is  "perfect," and the closest thing to perfection is certainly a matter of opinion, most scientist would probably agree that the perf (MORE)

What is a perfect supervisor?

Describe a perfect supervisor as one who gives clear direction. The  supervisor should also provide you with priorities and deadlines so  you can work most efficiently to me (MORE)

Is god perfect?

If you define God as needing to be perfect then God is perfect. If God exists and is not perfect then God is not God. If God can be defined as imperfect you invite evil to bec (MORE)
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What is the perfect number?

  It is a A number n for which the sum of all the positive integer factors of n which are less than n add up to n. For example, 6 and 28 are perfect numbers. The number (MORE)

Is perfection achievable?

In this level of reality, our concepts of absolute perfection have  an extremely low chance of occurring as you envision it. This is  because we have an imperfect view of ou (MORE)
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Who perfected the trumpet?

the trumpet was not perfected by one person. it was perfected over many years by many inventors
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