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Why do girls want their hair to be perfect?

Girls want their hair to be perfect so boys like the girls and if the boys don't like there hair the girls will be upset and they will take even two time more hours they spent (MORE)

What does its not the perfect girl if its not the perfect time mean?

It means, if your not ready to handle a serious relationship, then you obviously are sure if it's the perfect girl or not. Dating as a teen is difficult. As a teenager, you ar (MORE)

How much is an iPhone 5c-?

It depends if you get a contract and from who your buying it from. Amazon is cheap and contract free.
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How to Plan the Perfect Girls' Night In Party

Planning a party for your daughter can be a fun and momentous occasion. It can also become your worst nightmare if you are not able to plan ahead and incorporate activities sh (MORE)
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What does 5C on your gold ring mean?

A gold ring will have the gold content inscribed inside. It may also have the manufacturer's mark inside. 5C would be the manufacturer's mark.
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How many hours will to take charge BL-5C nokia battery at first time?

As per any cellphone with a Lithium-Ion battery, the cellphone should be switched off and put on a continuous charge for 8 hours. N.B.: For the first charge, don't disconnec (MORE)

What is the perfect way to ask out a girl?

First of all:   You need to know what she likes! If she likes flowers, buy flowers! If she likes candy, buy candy!   There are many ways to ask a girl out but the most p (MORE)

How do you find the perfect girl?

  Answer   Like with most things you've got to go through a series of situations, in this case, relationships in order for you to experience a range of different peo (MORE)