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What is a perfect dipole?

A perfect (or pure) dipole is the contrary to a 'physical' dipole. The Physical (electric) dipole consists of two equal and oppsite charges (+/-)q, separated by a finite, and (MORE)

What is perfect English?

  There is no such thing as perfect English.   English is a rich and wonderful language composed of continually changing contributions. If one tries to define 'perfect' (MORE)

What is a perfect body?

  The term 'perfect' is a variable that differs with people. So it is hard to answer this question. It varies with opinion and the type of things a person might find att (MORE)
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What is a perfect number?

A perfect number is one whose positive integer factors, other than itself, add up to the number itself. For example, the factors of 6, other than itself, are 1, 2, 3, and 1 + (MORE)

What is the perfect family?

  Answer   No such animal. Every family has their little quirks because what works for some families may not work for others. All families have different belief, mor (MORE)

What is information?

Information is data that is conveyed or represented by a particular  arrangement or sequence of things.
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Who perfected algebra?

Algebra has yet to be perfected. There are still problems in algebra that we're looking to find solutions for, or have it proved that some kinds of solutions are possible whil (MORE)

Is there a perfect diamond?

Based on certain criteria, there may be several 'perfect' diamonds. The cut Cullinan diamonds, the Hope Diamonds, for example, are 'perfect' in their own ways. Gem-stone qual (MORE)

How do you get perfect squares?

multiply the same number by itself, for example: 2*2=4, 4 is a perfect square. 8*8=64, 64 is a perfect square. the first few perfect squares are 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 8 (MORE)