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How do you be perfect?

1. Honestly nobody can be perfect no matter how hard they try. We were born imperfect. . 2. I disagree. We are all perfect. We are living things that had come too far in lif (MORE)
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How do you perfect?

You perfect by doing good tingy to god an 2 all the other pebbles he licks
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How can you be perfect?

You must always remember the acronym MEAF. It stands for Manners, Education, Ability or Athleticism (Whichever), and Fashion. Try to make sure you are polite, get the best of (MORE)
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Are you perfect?

Nobody in the world is perfect. If you were perfect, you would know and remember every single thing. The only person who is perfect is God.
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Why are you perfect?

NOBODY IS PERFECT! So don't let anyone tell you that you are doing things wrong all the time. We are humans, not gods. If you think you are perfect, then I'm sorry, because so (MORE)
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Why are perfect numbers perfect?

A perfect number is only classified as a perfect number because all of its proper divisors add up to itself. For example, the proper divisors of six are one, two and three. Th (MORE)
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What is perfect in perfect competition?

The fact that all the different businesses in this market system are price takers and are in competition with every other firm. They all want their products to be sold, but if (MORE)
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What is a perfect square and a perfect cube?

A perfect Square means a shape having 4 equal sides and the angle between two adjecent lines should be 90, But a perfect Cube means its an OBJECT with its four sides are equal (MORE)
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Is perfect and perfect the same?

No... Perfect is not committing sins, however, there is a notherdefinition of perfect; it means to perfect. To make something finewithout any mistakes. I hope this helped you. (MORE)
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What is perfect and what are the downfalls of perfection?

The thoughts that perfection are truly the highest achievment playa vital role in viewing this from the correct angle. The behavioralconcept that God is perfect is one of the (MORE)