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How do you perform?

To perform, first one must have a talent, or hobby of some sort.Some people are natural born performers, while others it takespractice.

What is performance?

Performance is the way in which something or someone performs. It can be a musical, dramatic or any other entertainment presented in front of a group or an audience.
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Who performs an autopsy?

An autopsy, which examines the body of a deceased person (or sometimes an animal) is done by a specialized doctor called a pathologist . The local officials who do autopsi (MORE)
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Who did he perform with?

Jim Morrison - Vocalist Ray Manzarek - keyboards John Densmore - Drums Robby Krieger - Guitars

What is street performing?

Street performing or busking is the act of performing in publicplaces for gratuities. though busking is particularly associatedwith singing or playing music how many countries (MORE)