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What is the difference between performed and performed?

"Perform" means to carry out, like, the high school performed the musical. "Preform" means to make something beforehand, like, a preformed pool. An easy way to remember this i (MORE)
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What is a performance track?

A Performance track is a pre-recorded or arranged part of music that is played alongside live performances like concerts, in order to add extra effects or backround music that (MORE)

Where do DJ perform?

DJs have multiple places where they can perform. They can be Club DJ, performing at clubs. They can be Mobile DJs, performing at school functions, wedding, and/or private part (MORE)
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Who performs an MRI?

In many cases, the entire examination will be performed by an MRI operator who is not a physician. However, the supervising radiologist should be available to consult as neces (MORE)
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What is a freelance performer?

A freelance performer is someone who works independently on short term basis for production companies in recording of his or her talent in voice, instrumental, or acting for s (MORE)

What is business performance?

what is business performance Business performance comes about when the resources of an organization, capital, assets human, are at the highest profitability level. It's not (MORE)
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How is septoplasty performed?

After the patient is anesthetized, the surgeon makes a cut (incision) in the mucous tissue that covers the part of the septum that is made of cartilage. The tissue is lifted. (MORE)