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Differentiate visual arts from performing arts?

The visual arts are a way of expressing feeling, emotion, opinion,or taste through visual means such as photography, painting,sculpting, and drawing. The performing arts are w (MORE)

What is a performing arts school?

    A performing arts school, is basically a school that the kids get to express their talents. I mean, they do have all of the regular subjects too, (i.g.- math, soci (MORE)
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How is performance art different from visual art?

Visual art is like a painting on canvas. Performance art is like an actor on stage. The difference is that performance art requires something that is actually alive to be doi (MORE)

Is martial arts a performing art?

That depends. A martial art in the strict sense is a fighting art, not a performing art. And martial arts performed in fighting competition are not a performing art either: th (MORE)

What is performing arts?

Performing arts (dance/drama) : Your skills     More in this section   Your skillsJob optionsCareer areasFurther studyContacts and resources Print all pages in this (MORE)

What are the mediums of performing arts?

Performing arts are those in which no physic record exists after the art work is created. The more common performing arts are music and theather in which live actors present p (MORE)

What is performance art?

Performance art is a performance presented to an audience,  traditionally interdisciplinary. Performance may be either scripted  or unscripted, random or carefully orchestra (MORE)

What does performing arts entail?

, It entails Music, Drama , and Dance which are the three core subject of performing arts industry i know this because i am currently teaching BTEC performing arts at a high (MORE)