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Where does perfume come from?

Answer . Incense was first discovered by the Mesopotamians about 4,000 years ago. Ancient cultures burned many kinds of resins, bums and woods at their religious ceremonies ( Full Answer )
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What is Madonna's perfume?

Pink Lotus by Aftelier perfumes: Originally created for Madonna, with exquisite pink lotus ( Full Answer )
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Is whale in perfumes?

Whale vomit (technically called Ambergris) was once used as an ingredient in perfumes because of the earthy fragrance it aquires with age. It is rarely used in modern day perf ( Full Answer )
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What is perfum?

perfume is a chemical that ladys usually like to were when they go out. you get it with all kinds of smells
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Where can you get perfume?

I am not sure if this is correct but i think that you take extracts from flowers and all sorts of foliage eg. trees, fruit, grass. and things like that.
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Advertised perfumes or unadvertised perfumes?

The perfume industry is a developed industry that is heavily based on advertising. because fragrances are such a personal item, consumers often remain loyal to their fragrance ( Full Answer )
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What can perfume do to you?

Perfume can make you smell like flowers or fresh cinnamon, depending on the perfume's type and how strong it can be.
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What is a perfume?

Perfume is a composition of essential or absolute oils mixed with alcohol and water. a prefume is a condemet to apply on yourself that has a marvilious sent.
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How do you perfume?

Usually people just spray, pressing the top of the bottle, to their clothes or direct contact to the skin. In proper manner, perfume should be sprayed, on the skin,on both wri ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between perfum and perfume?

The main difference between perfume and eau de parfum is the concentration of perfume concentrate. Perfume contains 15-40%, where as eau de parfum contains about 7-15%.