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Perimeter of ellipse?

There are several approximations, but easiest (I think) is shown  below:    P=pi{3(a+b) - square root of: [(3a+b)(a+3b)]}    Where a=major axis (long diameter) (MORE)

What is perimeter?

Perimeter is the distance around a object. Example: I have a square. One of the four sides of the square is 4 meters. To find the perimeter of polygon, you add all the lengt (MORE)

What is a perimeter?

It is a distance around a shape, example:  Say I have a square in my hands should know that a square has equal sides, right? Each side of that square I have is 4 (MORE)

What is the perimeter of a triangle?

For any triangle, it is the sum of the lengths of the sides a, b,  and c. (P = a + b + c)   For a right triangle, it is a + b + [sq rt (a2 +  b2)]   for the two side (MORE)

What are the perimeter rules?

Perimeter = The sum of the lengths of each side.    There may be special rules applicable to selected shapes, but the  above is the only general rule - in answer to th (MORE)

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What is the formula to perimeter?

You need to specify the perimeter of what figure. Overall, it is the sum of every side measurement of a polygon. For a circle it would be 2 times pi times the radius.
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What is the formula for perimeter?

P= w + w + L + L OR: P= 2w + 2L * * * * * The above is true only for parallelograms (or kites) but not for other quadrilaterals or other polygons. Triangles DO have a peri (MORE)

How do you you get the perimeter?

  In geometry, add the lengths of all the sides of the figure together to get the perimeter. Answer is usually in units centimeters, inches, feet, meters etc.