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Why do you get a period?

When you get your first period that is the first sign that your body is getting prepared. They are getting ready for a pregnancy. That is not saying that you are pregnant, it' (MORE)

Why do you get a periods?

  you have a period because inside your vigina there is a tiny egg that can be fertilized by a male sperm and if the male sperm fertilizes the egg, by sexual intercourse, (MORE)
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What are periods for?

  The human female grows tissue along the lining of her uterus in preparation for her falling pregnant. When she conceives, the baby attaches itself to the lining of the u (MORE)
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When will you get periods?

Usually when you start puberty and your body is finally ready to  grow into a lady/ young lady, so from the age nine and up. I hope I  helped you a little bit :)
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When do have your periods?

Well Once you have fingured yourself you should get one on the  second full moon. This is only if you have consisted a pure Mellon  food diet.