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How are the central and peripheral nervous system related?

The two work together. The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and the spinal cord; the peripheral nervous system is comprised of all the nerves and ganglia outsi (MORE)

Are taste buds part of the central or peripheral nervous system?

Taste buds are receptors in the periphery that activate certain cranial nerves (VII, IX, & X), they therefore they may be considered to be part of the peripheral nervous syste (MORE)

Compare and contrast the central and peripheral nervous systems?

The Central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord.The brain is the control center for all activities in the body.It is made of billions of neurons. The spinal cord (MORE)
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Do you need to obtain consent form from a client to insert an indwelling catheters?

Any invasive medical procedure needs informed consent from the patient, which means he or she is fully aware of the reasons for doing it, what the expected results are, and an (MORE)

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