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Is Jello perishable?

  As dried crystals its not Perishable. As ready to eat Jello then yes (as it has a limited shelf life)
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Who said if I perish I perish?

Queen Esther. You may read about it in the book of Esther in the Bible. The saying you refer to is in Esther 4.16
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What are perishable crops?

Perishable and semi-perishable crops are those which still hold a comparatively large amount of water, and thus are much more susceptible to decay within a short period of tim (MORE)

What does perish wish do?

It's actually Perish Song and EVERYONE in battle, including the attacker, has three turns until they, well, perish. (And by perish I mean ONE HIT KO). But the good part is tha (MORE)
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What is export or perish?

Export or Perish: This slogan was coined by Late Mr. J. Nehru in early 1960s. This slogan places lot on export earnings. This slogan states that if a nation increases its expo (MORE)
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What is perishable foob?

food that can easily go bad if not properly stored such as meat, vegetable, milk and so on.
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