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What does perishable mean?

Perishable means that an object can spoil or rot quickly.Ohio law indicates that perishable food is a product that has quality deterioration after 30 days or less. (http://cod (MORE)

Are potato chips perishable or non-perishable?

Non-perishable. Because it won't rot for a very long time. Sure, it can stale, but not rot. Other things like cans and non- fresh things are mostly non-perishable. However, th (MORE)

What is the difference between perishable and non-perishable food?

Answer: Perishable foods are foods like fresh meat, seafood, and ripe fruits. While non-perishable are items that do not spoil or decay.... for example; canned goods, all past (MORE)
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What is export or perish?

Export or Perish: This slogan was coined by Late Mr. J. Nehru in early 1960s. This slogan places lot on export earnings. This slogan states that if a nation increases its expo (MORE)

What are perishable crops?

Perishable and semi-perishable crops are those which still hold a comparatively large amount of water, and thus are much more susceptible to decay within a short period of tim (MORE)