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What is the peritoneum?

The peritoneum is a transparent membrane that lines the abdominal cavity in mammals and covers most of the viscera . Peritoneum is the membrane around abdominal organs.
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What is the function of the peritoneum?

Peritoneum is deflated balloon in your abdomen. It keeps the abdominal organs in proper place. It gives stability as well as mobility to abdominal organs.
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What is a peritoneum?

A peritoneum is the serous membrane in mammals which lines the cavity of the abdomen and is folded over the viscera.
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What is the parietal peritoneum?

The parietal peritoneum is a section of the pelvic and abdominalcavities. Most of the organs in this area like the intestinal tractare covered in a viscous covering known as p ( Full Answer )
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Function of peritoneum?

The main function of the peritoneum is to act as a conduit forseveral things. It does this for the blood vessels, lymph vessels,and nerves.
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What is a visceral peritoneum?

The visceral peritoneum is the inner layer of the peritoneum, amembrane within the abdominal cavity. Organs inside the visceralperitoneum include the stomach, intestines, live ( Full Answer )
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What is viseral peritoneum?

The peritoneum is a thin, translucent membrane that covers the internal abdominal body wall and the abdominal organs. The visceral peritoneum is the part of the peritoneum tha ( Full Answer )
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What system is the peritoneum in?

The peritoneum overlies the abdominal viscera, so it would be considered supporting tissue for the digestive tract.
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Is the ovary covered by peritoneum?

On the surface of the ovary, the peritoneal epithelium becomes cuboidal (low columnar) and hence, it appears that there is no peritoneal covering beyond the hilum of the ovary ( Full Answer )
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What is peritoneum in the frog?

It is a spiderweb like membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering the organs, preventing them from being damaged or worn by friction generated by day to day movement an ( Full Answer )