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Application of Perl in bioinformatics?

Go to this site: For advancing programming install bioperl in a UNIX system:. http://www.bioperl.o ( Full Answer )
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What is 'use' in Perl?

The "use" command is the way to request additional features in perl. For example, the statement use Date::Parse; will include the Date/ module which provides t ( Full Answer )
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What is ppm in perl?

It is a tool that comes as part of the ActiveState Perl install. It allows you to install, remove and upgrade the Perl CPAN modules installed on your computer.
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What is PERL acronym for?

Practical Extraction and Report Language. It is a programming language used by websites and many other things.
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How do you get all Pokemon in perl number?

In first place,by gods lovely sake,check your grammar!Second,if you meant pearl,you must do an realy long (i meant loooooooooooooong ok?) chase to catch all Pokemon on Sinnoh. ( Full Answer )
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What does chomp do in perl?

Most commonly it's used to remove the newline character from the end of a string or an array of strings. If the newline character isn't there, then nothing is done to the stri ( Full Answer )
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How reliable is Perl?

This question is very nearly meaningless. Perl is a programming language; the reliability of any given Perl program depends on the talent and insight of the programmer.
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Where do you get the perl on Poptropica?

ok if u mean the pearl in mythology island u go to the olympian gods museum and get the starfish off poseidon's face. then, u go 2 the gold place with the muses and the reeds ( Full Answer )