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What is whey permeate?

  Whey permeate is a by product of cheese making. Specifically it is the powder from a portion of the remains of ultrafiltration of white cheese.   http://www.agrimarkw (MORE)

What is permeate water?

clear water free of bacteria, heavy metal complexes, viruses and orcanic molecules with a molecular weight higher than 300 daltons

What is permeatation?

permeation is the adjective of permeate which means; to spread or flow throughout, to pervade.   i looked up pervade as well it's meaning is the same;to spread right throu (MORE)
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What is permeate gas?

The permeate Gas contains several impurities and is the by-product  of the gas purification process. The higher heating value of the  permeate gas is approximately 575 Btu/s (MORE)
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Is permeate dangerous to drink in milk?

Permeate is produced by seperating raw milk into permeate and concentrate . It is not a by-product of milk product but rather a part of all milk . Any milk that claims to be p (MORE)

What does permeation mean?

The word means a spreading through or penetrating, typically used for liquids entering (soaking into) a solid mass, or for the spread of disease through organs.
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