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Can you use the word permeated in a sentence?

I can give you some sentences.    The fishy odor permeated the kitchen.  The water permeated the layers of earth.  My clothing is permeated with cigarette smoke from t (MORE)
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What is permeate gas?

The permeate Gas contains several impurities and is the by-product  of the gas purification process. The higher heating value of the  permeate gas is approximately 575 Btu/s (MORE)

What is permeate water?

clear water free of bacteria, heavy metal complexes, viruses and orcanic molecules with a molecular weight higher than 300 daltons
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What is the difference in whey permeate and whey powder?

Whey is the watery byproduct of cheese manufacturing which contains protein, lactose and other solids. As whey is further processed to achieve higher protein levels (i.e., whe (MORE)

What are the principles of gel permeation chromatography?

Answer   Gel filtration or gel permeation is a process by which molecules can be separated according to their size(molecular weight) and sometimes shape. small molecules (MORE)

Use permeate in a sentence?

The virus permeates through your cells. The caustic tone permeated the article. The smell of rotten eggs permeated the corridor.
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What does permeation mean?

The word means a spreading through or penetrating, typically used for liquids entering (soaking into) a solid mass, or for the spread of disease through organs.
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