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What is a permit?

Answer . A paper that saying you can work even doe u are under 16 but must be 15 years old to get one or in highschool go and get one from your school guidance counselor ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to get your permit?

Answer . What permit? Work permit? Parking permit? Permit to hold an event? Run a business? You have to be more specific.
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How do you get a permit?

\n. \n. \nyou can get a permit by going to drivers ed... at your school or dmv. In most states the age is 15 to receive the permit.
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What do you have to have to get a permit?

To get your permit you need to take the D.A.T.E course. This stands for Drug, Alcohol, Traffic, Education. Then you just take your actual permit test and you are good to go
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How do you get your permit?

you must first take a drivers ed class.. you can do this in either a private drivers ed class or one provided at a school. once you have taken the classes you will be required ( Full Answer )
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Can you have a permit?

YES! Permits do in fact exist, as issued by many different regulatory agencies and more often then not, through certain pre-specified means, can be obtained by individuals, or ( Full Answer )
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What is permitivity?

In the event that a material store electric potential vitality more than alternate its permittivity is higher and others low. It advises the capacity to store electric vital ( Full Answer )
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What is permit?

If you're a teenager living in the United States and want your learners permit, you must first pass drivers education. Our drivers education course prepares you for the writte ( Full Answer )
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What is a locksmith permit?

A locksmith permit is a legal document granted by a city or town which allows them to conduct business. A background check is usually conducted in order to ensure the prospect ( Full Answer )