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Who was juan perons first wife?

Aurelia Tizon was Peron's first wife. After 13 years of marriage, she died of ovarian cancer in 1938 and left Peron in a state of depression. This is also about the time he be (MORE)

Was Eva Peron canonized?

  No. While nominally religious she was certainly not a saintly type and was not by any stretch of the imagination a member of a Religious order. The Vatican took no heed (MORE)

Where was Juan Domingo Peron born?

Juan Peron was born in Lobos, Argentina in 1895. In the related links box below I posted the wikipedia article about Juan Peron.
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Who is Juan peron?

Juan Peron was an off and on President of Argentina. He was president than got exiled but 18 years later he returned and became president again. He did some pretty good things (MORE)

How did Eva Peron influence the world?

Eva Peron is considered a very controversial figure in the world.  Regardless of personal opinions, she remains a major pop culture  figure in both Latin America and through (MORE)