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Who is Juan peron?

Juan Peron was an off and on President of Argentina. He was president than got exiled but 18 years later he returned and became president again. He did some pretty good things (MORE)

Who was juan peron?

He was a dictator from Argentina. He also became president twice. (A dictator is someone who has absolute power.) I've just started to learn about him, but I'm pretty sure tha (MORE)

Was Eva Peron canonized?

No. While nominally religious she was certainly not a saintly type and was not by any stretch of the imagination a member of a Religious order. The Vatican took no heed in any (MORE)
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What did evita peron do?

Upon the ouster of her husband Juan Perot, Evita assumed the powers of President of Argentina which had allot of power attached to it.
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What did Eva peron do?

Who is Eva Perón? Maria Eva Duarte was born on May 7, 1919, in Los Toldos, Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. She was the youngest of five children. Her father, Juan Du (MORE)

What is peronism?

Peronism is a type of fascism created by Juan Domingo Peron and influenced by Benito Mussolini which pleads for aid to the poor, to the working class, and calls for nationalis (MORE)
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What are the phases of peronality?

Human personality and its pathology I.he psychopathological behaviors of our everyday life represent peculiar slight failures to adapt ourselves to our surroundings in a usu (MORE)
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How did Eva peron get cervical cancer?

It could have been an STD from her husband, his first wife died at 28 from the same cancer, or it could of been genetic, her mother died from it at a young age as well.
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Who Evita Peron?

She was the wife of the leader of Argentina Juan Peron. At one timeshe was the most powerful women in Latin America. There is a playand movie called EVITA that was done about (MORE)