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What is the symbol for perpendicular?

The symbol for perpendicular is a straight vertical line resting on a horizontal line just like a 'T' which is upside down. ∟ or ┴
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What a perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines are lines that cross each other at 90 degree angles. For example, the letter T. The lines in the letter V are not perpendicular because the angle between (MORE)
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Is a trapezium perpendicular?

yes it is A trapizium has no right angles therefore there are noperpendicular. * * * * * Nonsense! A trapezium can have two adjacent angles which are rightangles.
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Are intersecting lines perpendicular or not perpendicular?

Intersecting lines may or may not be perpendicular. If the angle of intersection between two intersecting lines is 90 degrees, then the two lines are perpendicular. Otherwi (MORE)
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What are perpendiculare lines?

Lines that connect at a 90 degree angle (eg. one going horizontal and another going vertical)
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What is the example of perpendicular?

Perpendicular intersection is like a 90 degree angle so anything that crosses and forms a 90 degree angle
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What is perpendicular to the horizon?

Vertical lines in space run perpendicular to the horizon. The verydefinition of perpendicular requires that the lines be at rightangles to the horizon, so all lines that meet (MORE)
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Are the diagonals perpendicular?

Not always but they are perpendicular in a square, a rhombus and a kite in that the diagonals intersect each other at 90 degrees
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How are perpendicular?

\n. Lines that intersect each other at right angles or 90 degrees are said to be perpendicular
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What does perpendicular describe?

Perpendicular describes a relation between two lines or objects which resemble lines. This relation is when when the two lines or similar objects cross (in a two-dimensional (MORE)