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What is persecution?

Persecution- The mistreatment or punishment of certain people because of their actions. Persecution means systematic harassment and oppression .
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Who persecuted the Jews?

hmm where shall we begin... egypt babylon greece rome persia germany poland spain to name a few. Just about everybody. During the World War II Hitler or (MORE)
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What is religious persecution?

Religious persecution is when a person is; harassed, harried, insulted, abused, verbally assaulted, singled out, rumored about, and in extreme cases, beaten, tortured and murd (MORE)
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What animals are persecuted?

Pit Bulls are the most misunderstood of all the dogs. Pit Bulls are the number one dog in shelter and the most abused of all the dog breeds . The reason for this is the Pit B (MORE)
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What is the opposite of persecute?

The opposite action would be to protect, shelter, defend, or assist. To not persecute would be to tolerate, accept, or accommodate.
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What does a persecuter do?

A persecutor is a government- or church-backed bully who makes life a misery over a long period of time for a minority group. Please see related question.
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What is systematic persecution?

It is when the persecutions are carried out in a methodical manner, not just a few isolated incidents.
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How where martyrs persecuted?

A martyr is someone who dies for a cause. There have been many people considered martyrs down through history. If you mean those who died for their religious beliefs in the Ro (MORE)
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Why are bahais persecuted?

The Baha'i Faith is persecuted wherever there are people who do not want others to believe different than they do. Most generally such persecution occurs in countries dominate (MORE)
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Who were Christians persecuted by?

They were persecuted by a small amount of Jewish people at thestart. Jewish people are not like that anymore, and even back thenit was only some Jews, not all. The country of (MORE)