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What is religious persecution?

Religious persecution is when a person is; harassed, harried, insulted, abused, verbally assaulted, singled out, rumored about, and in extreme cases, beaten, tortured and murd (MORE)
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Who persecuted the Jews?

hmm where shall we begin... egypt babylon greece rome persia germany poland spain to name a few. Just about everybody. During the World War II Hitler ord (MORE)

What does persecute mean?

to persecute - to harass systematically or ill-treat habitually over a period of time (often on grounds of race, religion, ideology, lifestyle); used especially for systematic (MORE)

What is persecution?

Persecution- The mistreatment or punishment of certain people because of their actions. Persecution means systematic harassment and oppression .
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Who did Stalin persecute?

Stalin persecuted Jews, kulaks (somewhat wealthy peasants), Ukrainians, and virtually everyone who disagree with or criticized him and his policies.
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Why were the Jews persecuted?

Because Adolf Hitler believed that Germans, being inherently superior human beings, were threatened to their very existence by the inherently inferior Jews. The threat to the (MORE)

Why was Stephen persecuted?

Read Acts chapter 6: verses 8 to 15. With 50 million Bibles in the world in hundreds of languages you should be able to get one and digest and meditate on the answer. Th (MORE)