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What is Persia?

Persia describes the modern region of Iran. It was named after a province in southwestern Iran, which is now called Fars, but was then called Pars. Pars eventually was called (MORE)

Where is Persia?

It's in Southwestern Asia, in between Iraq and Afghanistan. However, there is a long story behind Persia. Now the country is called Iran (pronounced ee-ron). There is a provin (MORE)
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What is the new Persia?

In 1935 Reza Shah (king of Persia) declared that Persia will now be called Iran meaning land of nobles or land of aryans.
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What were the countries of Persia?

Persians are 40% of the population of nowadays Iran and 60% of the populations are not Persian. They are Turk (40%), Kurds, Arabs, Balouchs, Torkmans, and Lurs. Persians have (MORE)
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Is Persia awesome?

It depends on what fills you with awe - the extent of the universe,the development of the human race are obvious. It depends on yourperspective if a people who had an empire s (MORE)
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Who renamed Persia?

Reza shah pahlavi the grate in 1959 . Iran means LAND OF aryans. The aryan rase comes from iran.