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What does an IT person do?

IT stands for Information Technology and can cover all sorts of  jobs, from working in schools to teach young people how to use  modern technology, also clases for older fol (MORE)
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What is his personality?

Well, it depends who your talking about because everybody has different personalities. A personality is usually described using adjectives such as friendly, curious, artistic, (MORE)
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Who were the person?

lol, yeah it's a cydia app, you would not think that apple would approve of this. One prgroam that is going around that is fake and spamming the crap out of the www is called (MORE)
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Who is the person?

A person is a human being. It also includes the clothing of the  human being.

What is a personality-?

A personality is the description for the combination of  characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive  character.    For example, someone's pers (MORE)