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What is the incongruent melting point?

when a solid is splits into a definite temperature to form a solid and liquid but the formed solid composition is different from the earlier one. They have different melting p (MORE)

Define the word incongruous?

(adj.) - lacking harmony or agreement, incompatible; inconsistent; unsuitable, inappropriate       Incongrous means when things don't go together, or things are inap (MORE)

What are congruent trials in psychology and incongruent trials?

Congruent trials (in harmony) refer to the tasks in which the  stimuli are in agreement with one another, for example; if the word  "blue" is actually written in the color b (MORE)

What is congruent vs incongruent verbal and body language?

incongruent- Is when you are saying one thing, but your body language does not match up. E.g Saying yes but shaking your head.    congruent- Is when your your body langua (MORE)

How do you use the word incongruous in a sentence?

(if something is incongruous, it means that it is, or appears to be, out of place) "The dilapidated Volkswagen looked incongruous parked between the executives' Mercedes and (MORE)