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What is pervasive prejudice?

The term, 'pervasive prejudice,' can be literally defined as'strong, lasting prejudice.' Sometimes the phrase refers to the'staying power' of a particular prejudice: it lasts (MORE)

What is pervasive communication?

communication is a universal phenomenon.It means it is applicable in all types of organisation.Communication is an organisation.The use of communication is restricted to busin (MORE)

What is a pervasive motif?

Pervasive means spread throughout, or in everything, and a motif is a decorative element or pattern. A pervasive motif is one that is used in many things. An example in a (MORE)

What is pervasive networking?

From what I've found [because I'm doing this for my ICT A Level]; Pervasive Networking has something to do with mobile internet. The only thing I've found that might help is " (MORE)

Advantage and disadvantages of pervasive computing?

Benfits of Peravise Computing 1) INVISIBLE: "Smart" environments will be embedded with computing technologies that will be mostly out-of-sight. Architecture will gain man (MORE)
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What is pervasive racism?

"Pervasive" means spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people. There is also a connotation of insistence or intransigence.