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What does perversity mean?

The definition of perversity is a deliberate desire to behavecontrary to expectations or in an unreasonably or unacceptable way.It can also be defined as behaving in a bad or (MORE)
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A sentence for perverse?

He found a perverse enjoyment in watching his wife's mounting frustration as she repeatedly failed to make herself understood.

Perverse in a sentence?

A sentence could be. Our relationship ended almost before it had begun as i found our conversations were slightly one-sided if not a tad perverse.
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Is orgy a perversion?

"Perversion" is a tricky word. Some people think that any form of sex other than male-superior heterosexual intercourse strictly for the purpose of causing pregnancy is "perve (MORE)
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Is homosexuality perversion?

Yes, it is perversion. . Perversion means sexual behavior that people think is not normal or natural . Homosexuality is forbidden per all God religions (Judaism, Christi (MORE)