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How do you use the word perverse in a sentence?

The headmaster seemed to get perverse pleasure from belittling the teachers. Many types of alternative sexual practices are considered perverse or unsavory. Although promo (MORE)

What is perverse software?

It is a programme which is causing hindrances of other programme executionin such a way resulting in modifiction or complete destruction of datawithout the user's intention or (MORE)

What does perversity mean?

The definition of perversity is a deliberate desire to behave  contrary to expectations or in an unreasonably or unacceptable way.  It can also be defined as behaving in a b (MORE)

On which facts based the watchtower that moral insanity sexual perversions inferiority complexes petty crimes - these often follow in the wake of blood transfusions WT 9-15-61 p563-564?

** The facts regarding blood come primarily from the bible.    The Watchtower September 15th 1961 also sites a number of other  authorities (see below):    **An (MORE)