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What is a pervert?

A pervert is someone who likes to touch you in places that you might not like. You may find most perverts in internet chat rooms, they usually want to find out all about you a (MORE)
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How do you be a pervert?

it's easy you just have to make a sexuall inuendo out everything anybody says, and make obscene gestures with your hands alot. in other words make everything seem perverse.
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What are perverts?

Someone who leads people away from what is right, good, or proper.Someone that likes to look at people's privates.A person who does things that others find disgusting or distu (MORE)

Why are men perverts?

To answer that question you would have to know the man in subject. but it is a fact that in Iran that it is more likely for a women to rape a man than the other way around . s (MORE)

How do you not be perverted?

Today, teenagers use the word "perverted" to mean a broad variety of negative qualities they believe another person exhibits. In a sense, it is the same as being called any ot (MORE)
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Is it a sin to be a pervert?

Pervert as in having a specific thing that arouses you, or a specific fantasy, no. If it crosses the line and you act on any perversion that involves immoral acts, yes.
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Why are dogs perverted?

If you are referring to the humping behavior seen in dogs, not related to male-to-female mating, it is honestly not what you think. In dogs and other mammals, it is nothing mo (MORE)
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Who are perverts?

Perverts are people who are always wanting to get in bed with you or make sexual innuendos all the time. Perverts can be mixed up with pedophiles. Which is kinda funny but is (MORE)