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Is kankuro a pervert?

No, not really, people just think he is because it is like his personality, but there is no proof in the show or manga that he is a pervert. He has never done anything pervert (MORE)
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Is it bad to be a pervert?

Yes it is bad. But it is ok to be a sight pervert. A sight pervert is a pervert that doesn't touch your genitals but they look at people naked or look at people's butts withou (MORE)
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How do you know if you are a pervert?

If you seriously want to do something sexual that is against the law then you can be classified as a potential pervert. When a child molester crosses the line to be with a c (MORE)
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How do you know if your a pervert?

You would know as you would CONSANTLY look at younger or older girls/boys sexual parts, if i were u I'd get help if I dud that! X
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What you mean by perverts?

A "pervert" is defined as a person who has abnormal, deviant and/or unacceptable sexual behaviours. For example, spying on the opposite or same gender getting changed is an (MORE)

Are there girl perverts?

No. I don't know any girl perverts, and it's impossible for a girl to be one. If people think a certain girl is a pervert, it's usually not true.
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Is it illegal to be a pervert?

No. However, if you force yourself on someone, that's illegal. It's not what you ARE, it's what you DO.
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This guy is a nasty pervert?

Yeah most of them are. Just stay away from him. In life you will meet many people that are just not good for you; people who, for whatever reason, will have a negative influen (MORE)